And They're off!
   Being new to India and not being a very planned person I was struggling to decide my travel itinerary. Unpland just made things super simple for me. i booked three Unpland trips during my stay in Mumbai and all of them were extremely well planned & executed. Highly recommended.
- Victor Barbier
    As an international tourist its hard to navigate a country as dynamic as India and Unpland is everything we could have wished for. Me and my friend had an experience worth sharing with our grandchildren.
- Marc Laly
   Unpland is an eccentric way to travel. It adds another layer to the experience and makes it more exciting than ever. Took me back to my college days when I used to just leave and figure out what to do/where to go spontaneously. Specially loved their personalized recommendations which I normally would have missed ! The best trips are UNPLAND !!!
- Pulkit Chokhani
   One of our first trips as a couple and we went Unpland ! The experience was surreal. Both of us were quizzing each other on where we could be going till the last minute and it turned out to be a place we had heard so much about but never been. Overall a fantastic experience. will definitely do another Unpland trip soon.
- Megha Singh
   Insane experience.Everyone should take an Unpland trip ! We were wondering where to go on our long weekend and as usual were planning to call off our so called 'plans' and hang out in Delhi instead but we came across Unpland and decided to give it a shot. best decisions ever ! The planning done by the team without giving us a clue about the destination was exceptional.
- Navpreet Singh
   We booked an Unpland trip for my Friend Darshana's birthday outing.Till the night before, we had no idea of the place that we were headed-to. The surprise package with destination details arrived with the wonderful pre birthday present. The envelope was opened when all three of us had assembled and were about to depart. To say the least we were absolutely flabbergasted to know our destination which turned out to be Panchgani, a 5 hour long drive from Mumbai. What a thrill of not knowing what lay ahead, not knowing where we are going to stay and just embracing the unknown. Wonderful drive through the ghats, good music and great company obviously added to the fun, and when we reached the destination we were thrilled to find the venue being a secluded villa on the top of a hill with a serene garden, farm animals who were over friendly and adorable at the same time, and the most hospitable and non-intruding staff who helped us settle down.Through Unpland we knew that we had not just paid for the trip, but we had paid for an experience and a lifetime of memories.
- Sushma Bindore
   While specifying preferences for our Unpland trip we had mentioned that we would like a trip to the mountains. Never had we imagined that Bir Billing would present itself as our secret destination ! The team at Unpoland ensured that our stay was comfortable and where we could meet fellow travelers as well. To our pleasant surprise Unpland had also booked a cycling experience for us which allowed us to get a tour of the valley in the most fun way possible. We will never forget this experience and will recommend this to anyone with an inclination towards adventure
- Daipayan Ghosh
   We got our Unpland package a day before we departed for our secret destination. As a choice we decided to not open it till we reached the airport. We just requested the time of our flight from the team and they obliged. Upon reaching the airport at 5 am we opened the packed and discovered that we were going to Udaipur !! Our stay at Udaipur was nothing short of palatial and the weather was just the relief that we needed from humid & rainy Mumbai . An Unpland trip is definitely right up there in our best experiences as a couple.
- Ruchir Avlani

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