Questions ?
So Where am I Going?
With Unpland you never know where you’re going ! It’s a part of the experience, No matter how much you push us we’ll never disclose your destination to you until the very last moment, just before your departure.
How will I get to know my trip details ?
2-3 days before your departure you will receive an envelope from us with all your trip details, tickets, hotel reservations and recommendations. You shall open this envelope only on the time and date mentioned on the envelope (Which is always right before your departure)
What If I don’t receive the envelope on time?
We send all trip details digitally on your email as well, so no worries there.
What’s the mode of travel that you offer?
Completely depends on your budget, preferences and destination. We can book flights, buses, trains, cabs and even give you a self drive option if you specify that in your preferences.
What’s included in my trip?
Our trips cover your Travel & Stay. Breakfast is included most of the times. We do give you recommendations activities & restaurants at your destination but do not book them for you.
Do I have to pay in advance?
Yes. We accept all payments in advance. Once you submit your survey on the website you will get a confirmation call from one of our team members who will also guide you with the payment process.
Do You offer big group discounts?
That completely depends on the number of people in the group. In case you have a group bigger than 5 people please write to us on
Do you offer International trips as well?
Yes we cover international destinations with Visa On Arrival for Indian passport holders. Choosing an international destination completely depends on the budget you give us and your preferences on the form.
Can I specify a preferred destination?
Yes you can mention that in the additional details of the form. We will take that into consideration before finalizing your destination.

Developed By: Mahesh Bhanushali